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Dinokiki is a green, cute and friendly dinosaur. He only speaks kiki and loves bow ties.

Dinokiki is inspired by the website Pls Pet Doge and Jerome Jarre's and Nicholas Megalis' Vine Mama Dinosaur Finds Her Baby.

The idea was born from a lecture by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian at Rochester Institute of Technology on February 2014. He said we should make our ideas get out of the paper and I agreed.

After a long weekend and a lot of support from my friends, recording kikis in the middle of a restaurant, Dinokiki was born on February 11th 2014.


dinokiki on halloween dinokiki on christmas dinokiki on his birthday


All of these nice people sent their kikis and now they're part of Dinokiki! If you want to be a Dinokiki friend send your kiki right now!

Bruno Oliveira The Engineer Kiki
Caio Hideki The Classical Music Kiki #3
Caio Mahin The B.B. Kiki
Carlos Braile The Classical Music Kiki #2
Elisa Castro The Gaúcha Kiki
Felipe Meneguetti de Carlos The Caveman Kiki
Giulia Cardieri The First Kiki
Giovana Almeida The Cute Kiki
Giovani Moraes The Lion King Kiki
Guilherme Schmitt The Pebble Kiki
Jéssica Dias and her friends The Kids Kiki
Jerome Jarre The Kiki Kiki
Luiz Felix The Classical Music Kiki #1
Michelangelo Gonzatti The Multifaced Kiki
Nicole Janer The Broadway Kiki
Raianne Rodrigues The Fast Forward Kiki
Raquel Leite The Singer Kiki
Sara Pelaez Moreno The Staying Alive Kiki
Tamires Trindade The Psycho Kiki
Vitória Teivelis The Horn Kiki